Welcome to our Cheltenham Chinese Student Fellowship

Non-profit organisation

Initiated and led by St Philip & St James, we are a team of volunteers who work closely in partnership with the chaplaincy of the University of Gloucestershire to offer Chinese students, scholars and visitors our sincere friendship and hospitality while they are in the UK.

Our activities include:

  • Special events 特别节目 - such as the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Party, Christmas Dinner Party, Chinese New Year - Dumpling making, Summer BBQ etc....
  • Chat over Tea 茶馀饭後 - "Eat and Chat - 茶餘飯後" is a relaxed home group.  We meet up at Doreen/Steve's house on Monday evenings for tea (or coffee) and chat away the evenings on topics about life from a Christian's prospective.
  • There are many other interesting events to come...check out our 'Events Calendar'.... 
 Everyone is welcomed!


Chinese Student Fellowship

White House
Grafton Road
GL50 2ER


Pancake Day on Tuesday, 5 March, 6.30pm

05/03/2019 18:30
Pancake Day Party Come to join us for fun at Doreen/Steve's...

Events Calendar

Pancake Day 2019

05/03/2019 18:30